Don't cast your trophies, 3D Print them instead

3D Printing trophies for economic, accurate and customized output

3D Printing process for Trophy Manufacturing for beginners : In beginner's words, it is creating a solid object by creating layers of desired materials from any design you created on your computer. The 3D-printing process involves several steps to go from your design to the finished trophy. First of all, a design needs to be created using any CAD modeling software. The design should be examined to check if the shape was correct and all surfaces were joined in the right places. Then, it is rotated into the best position for building. Then you need to plan where any supporting structures would need to be placed during the build process. Though it sounds slightly complicated but honestly, you don't need any special qualification other than basic computer literacy to create a design fit for your 3D Printer. Then the file is sliced into layers to be built one by one on top of each other by the machine. Don't worry, this process is automated and the software does it all for you while you sit back and relax.

Once your 3D Printer is all set up, normally it takes less than a minute to set up your machine and the process is supported by world class, user-friendly control panel. The file is then sent to the 3D Printer using a memory stick / SD Card and a click of a button begins the process of 3D Printing. This is the simplest part – You could sit back and watch as your 3D Printer prints your desired 'Trophy' right out of thin air in front of your eyes !!

After you finish printing the trophy, remove it from the machine. Now you have a choice a 15 different post-processing finishes to choose from if you desire. You can sand-blast it, air-brush it or electroplate it, maybe just use acrylic finish to give it the glassy looks. That's what options are all about.

Common Trophy Manufacturing Process Vs Revolutionary 3D Printing of Trophies :

Following is a chart to better understand different classic methods to manufacture Trophies:

Workflow for 3D Printing your Trophy orders instead of following traditional method :

Please find below a case study as an example only to understand how this process can help the Trophy Manufacturing industry. Similarly, all industries are demanding 3D Printing to reduce cost and increase efficiency :

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