3D Printing the 'Kakinada Mine Sweeping Davit Knuckle' for the Indian Navy

The ' Kakinada Mine Sweeping Davit Knuckle came with the parcel assigned by the Indian Navy with another 100s of machine parts. This part was particularly remembered for it's solid build which made it impossible to be 3D Printed using low grade or even basic printers.

The complex shape of the part made it impossible to directly cast and manufacture it, especially because there was no cast ever made or probably unavailable in the market. The printing required extra smooth finishing or else the metal cast would not function at all.

A special process was used using Dimension Dual Delta to process the cast and get the final metal output. A design was created by a professional CAD specialist before processing the design for quality test. After testing the design quality, the print out was given. Once the print came out clean, it was time to process it for metal casting. It was a fantastic process detailed with minute detailing that made the creation so unique. J Group Robotics was happy to realize the satisfaction of the Indian Navy. Following is the data sheet to better understand the engineering aspects.

Watch out this space for more from J Group Robotics.......

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