Wrist Sling - Customized just for you with the rise of J Group Robotics 3D Printers

We all know that 3D printing was always an excellent option for replacing old-fashioned casts and prosthetics, as they offer new levels of customization that can suit anyone's needs. We have already seen a variety of examples in the past.

The entire idea is do the wrist braces / bands that you buy fit on your hands ? Or do you have to push yourself to fit into them ? Why depend on stores to provide you with a non-fitting, uncomfortable wrist band especially when your wrist ache is driving you mad ?

While not the first to do so, J Group Robotics is using an ingenious way to overcome the most common problem that 3D printing custom-fitted objects have. How do you make it fit properly without wasting an endless stream of material on half a dozen prototypes? But with their design, you only need to print a single wrist brace in PLA material and easily make it fit.

We simply print out a flat design of the brace and send it to our customers. They need to give it its proper shape by heating it up to 60 degrees Celsius – at which temperature PLA material becomes malleable – and shaping it on your wrist or just immerse it in hot water.

Afterwards, the PLA material will stay malleable for about a minute, after which it will start to stiffen up again. This way, you have a reasonable window to form the wrist brace to its desired shape, while you can easily re-heat it if you're not quite happy with the results.

The application is very useful for end consumers with wrist pain or twist. The brace keeps the hand safe and PLA ensures that the hand is in perfect position at all times so that you don't get hurt.

J Group Robotics will launch this product soon on all leading e-commerce portals for customers to buy.

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