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We Manufacture High End 3d Printers & Also design custom 3d printing Prototypes

Rapid Prototyping 

Innovation and experimental prototypes like Wind turnel models, landing gear prototypes, jigs and fixtures, production samples, custom tools and much more. FDM technology is been used in the Aerospace Industries which is driving the innovative ideas to design to a functional prototypes in a matter of few days. 

Metal 3D Printing 

Metal 3D printer is next step in industrial revolution. It provides the Flexibility of shape making through the conventional process with the strength if metal. With in a just one click you will get the metal functional prototype ready to use.

Industrial CAD

We can develop a drawing from a live object and provide proofing service for digitizing all you component drawings.We can develop drawing for different Manufacturing Processes including Laser Cutting, Waterjet, Sheet Metal, Machining component , plastic component and for Assembly We offer 2D Drafting services for all major industries including Mechanical, Electronic, Architectural, Plastic components and structural CAD. After drawing is complete it goes under thorough in house checking by our engineers comparing with the original documents and requirements to ensure design integrity.

Business Solution

Our highly experienced development team provides its customers with products and services focussed on delivering against exacting requirements, for any type of application of any complexity. We recognize and place a huge emphasis on the importance of fully understanding our client's businesses and processes as the single most essential factor in delivering solution that is unique, effective and that truly adds value to the client’s operations.Through understanding, researching, developing and deploying closely with, the customer, and by adopting a leading yet flexible approach, we are able to deliver solution that has all the functionality the customer needs without compromise.​

Investment Casting 

For prototypes and short production runs, creating wax patterns from 3D printed molds offers substantial time and cost savings over traditional tooling methods. Plus, 3D printing can produce molds with greater complexity without driving up costs.

Vacuum Forming 

Vacuum forming is a manufacturing process by which a sheet of plastic is heated and pressed over a form to create a part. This process is used to create many of the products in your home such as plastic containers, tubs, sink units, and electrical enclosures. 3D printing is a great way for manufacturers to create low cost molds for low volume manufacturing or prototyping.

Silicon Molding 

Silicon  Molding is widely used in the industry for the shape making where the mold is made up of Silicon is make using the object and then the multiple shape of various object is cast using that silicon mold. The accuracy of the object is depends up on the original master object and grade of the silicon. 

Cold Casting 

This Process can be used for the home made DIY projects for hobbyist activity. A single mold tool almost 12-24 Hrs time to get cure while in the process of making the part, depends up on the grade of the resin you took for making the mold. There are some fact curing resin which can be cure rapidly and gives the grate result while casting the part. 














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