3D Printing Filaments

Now you dont have to worry about all the problems that are caused by a 3D printer filament.

Choosing the right filament for your machine can be very tricky, when there are lots of suppliers in the market with a varying price point for the same kind of filament.


We take quality very seriously.


Filament quality can affect the Surface finish, Strength, Shelf life and Dimensional accuracy of the 3D printed product.The diameter tolerance on our filament is +- 0,05mm and roundness >95, ensuring that your machine will have a steady flow of material.


We not only test and ensure the tolerance but, we also look into the physical, mechanical, thermal, ageing factor, curing time and shrinkage properties of the filaments.


We have a test procedure, where we not only test the filament properties but, we also 3D Print and ensure that the shrinkage properties, surface finish, strength and dimensional accuracy of the 3D printed parts are upto our standards

ABS-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

PLA- Polylactic Acid

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