Application of 3D Printing in various Industries 

Aerospace & Defence

Innovation and experimental prototypes like Wind turnel models, landing gear prototypes, jigs and fixtures, production samples, custom tools and much more. FDM technology is been used in the Aerospace Industries which is driving the innovative ideas to design to a functional prototypes in a matter of few days. 

Trophy Manufacturing

The requirement of the trophy industries is for highly detailed models with good surface finish so that models can be used for chrome platting, as a final product or as a master patterns for molding, investment casting. The Dimension Dual Delta is an ideal choice for 3D printing for this industry as it gives an advantage of making complex trophies in matters of hours with a surface finish of models straight from the machine that requires little or no hand finishing, which is essential on free form textured models.


Our 3D Printing technology produces smooth & highly detailed architectural models. Architecture can require significant details to be created as part of the prototype. Because architectural designs are scaled down, details are commonly lost during 3D printing. For models that are detailed, must bear loads or take abuse, FDM Technology builds strong parts in industrial-grade thermoplastics which are ready for painting.​

Consumer Goods & Packaging

3D printing technology is used in this industry for manufacturing prototype models in hours that are your preproduction samples. You can use this prototypes to analyze every angle of your product including design, weight, strength, look, volume and feel. prototypes can be made from rigid plastics like ABS, PLA, PP or flexible if you need any rubber like behavior.

This prototypes require less or no finishing depending on your need. Post process your prototype with techniques like chrome platting, graphics transfer, airbrushing, Pu(polyurethane), wood and more can be done to match you needs.

Next time when you have a product launch or just a board meeting carry a prototype with you.

Home decor 

Home decor is very wide marker where customized goods give you the real value of the thing. As it is directly involve with the feeling they are ready to invest the ample amount in the thing hey want. Also when comes to relaxation no other place is better then your own home people want it in the way they have dreamed it and customization gives them chance to do so. 

Hearing Aid

CAD-based solutions using printers deliver labor and material cost reduction as well as higher clinical quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.  Labs need to compete with offshore production.  Our low-cost, high-throughput solutions offer the requisite quality to level the global playing field and improve dental lab competitiveness.


Parts made from high-performance engineering thermoplastics using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. The low operating and maintenance costs makes J Group Robotics Printers a cost effective, simple, highly reliable design tool to produce form fit and functional parts for complex assemblies.For beautiful models requiring rubberlike or strong materials with a smooth finish right out of the 3D printer. 

Consumer Electronics

Now you can simultaneously produce multiple design iterations so that each can be tested for form, fit, function, ergonomics, and visual appeal, all without any expensive tooling.3D printing offers an alternative solution to traditional design and manufacturing limitations.​


Bringing your designs to life via 3D printing because the toy market moves very fast. Don’t rely on a drawing to communicate the idea for your designed toy, get a completely accurate, highly detailed prototype 3D printed with Dimension delta printers for your next presentation.

Bee Hive 

Bee's are the backbone of our ecosystem and the 80% food we eat or material we use are the byproduct of the bee's in some way or the another. So making them feel good and getting work done while preserving them it's not only our duty but the Mutual responsibility as well. 

Medical & Helthcare

Validate device performance on patient-derived 3D printed anatomical models versus existing models such as animals and cadavers. Based on real patient imaging, 3D printed models mimic a variety of tissue properties in a single print. Stratasys Medical 3D Printing Solutions can help you accelerate product development from 3D printed concept models to preclinical testing allowing manufacturers to gain certainty, test anywhere, and mitigate cost overruns.

Foot Wear

CAD-based solutions using 3D printers delivers labor and material cost reduction as well as higher quality and consistency throughout the design and development process.  A manufacturer needs to compete the market with new designs.  Our low-cost, high-throughput solutions offer the requisite quality to level the global playing field and improve footwear competitiveness.

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