Dimension Dual Delta XL



Build Volume

Bed Size / Print size (X Y Z) - 420mm x 420mm x 700mm


Print Accuracy/Resolution

Layer Resolution - Minimum 50 microns to maximum 600 microns

XY 3D Printing Accuracy – within 0.5mm

Z 3D Printing Accuracy – within 0.5mm

Machine Accuracy

XY positioning accuracy - within 10 microns
Z positioning accuracy - within 10 microns
Repeatability accuracy – within 10 microns
Auto Bed level height map – within 50 microns

Nozzle Supported

Nozzle Diameter: 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm all metal


Bed Temprature : 30°C - 110°C

Nozzle Temprature : 30°C - 260°C 

Technical Support Customizable Plan​

Traning Material: 3D printing guide. Installation instructions, Calibration guide, Maintainence guide.

Software Support:  Software Training over VPN, GCode generation over VPN, Calibration over VPN.

Hardware Support: Troubleshooting and Hardware maintainence over video call.

Printing Filaments / Multimaterial​

Filament Diameter - 1.75mm


Dual Head

Dual head allow to print two materials simultaneously

Printing mode: Color1-Color2, Model Material-Support Material, Model Material1-Model Material2 


One head come with extruder on fly

Post Processing

Traning material: Postprocessing techniques guide, Finishing techniques guide , Support removal guide

Support: Postprocessing expert via call and video call.

Auto Bed leveling

Leveling Mode - Automatic, Semiautomatic 


Software: Simplfy 3D

Supporting documents : Hardware setup guide , tutorial guide, tutorial videos, quick start guide, quality guide

More Features

3D Print Accuracy

Dimensional accuracy XY is the amount of dimensional deviation that is measured between your CAD model (Computer drawing) and actual printed object in XY (Horizontal direction). 


Dimension Dual delta comes with a 3D printed part which is calibrated and tested for its XY Dimensional accuracy which is within 0.5mm.


Dimensional accuracy should not be confused with the XY positional accuracy which is 10 microns or the layer height (printing resolution). 

Auto Bed Leveling

Dimensional dual delta is capable of measuring heights of the bed at multiple points. This is repeated until the head is leveled with respect to the bed.  

Height map accuracy is within 50 microns. 


Dimensional Dual Delta can be calibrated in Semiautomatic mode or Automatic mode.

In semiautomatic mode the values are feeded and adjusted manually by the user.

In automatic mode the machine will measure then calculate,adjust the values and will repeat this procedure until the head is leveled with respect to the bed.

Dual Head 

The Dimensional dual delta comes with a 3D printed part, which is  calibrated and tested by our 3D Printing Experts.


Both the head are measured and leveled manually. Not only the hardware but also the software is preconfigured for dual head printing. This ensures that you have a seemless experience with printing dual color or printing with two different material.

Material Optimized Swappable Head

Now you can configure your printer to print fast or print accurate by just changing the head.


Swappable head makes dimensional dual delta a multimaterial printer where you can just swap an optimized head for the material you want to print with.


Easy to change the head in just two steps. Unplug the connectors and slide out the first head then slide in the new head into its socket and plug the two connectors back. The machine is ready to print.

Layer Accuracy

Our 3D printing experts ensures that you have a perfect first layer printed. 3D Printing, it's very important that your first layer is printed perfectly. This ensures that your part will build without any errors. 


For every dimensional dual delta 3d printer that is manufactured, first layer height is measured and analysed to ensure our quality standards.

Dimension Dual Delta XL


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