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Shaping the Future

3D printing is one of the most widely used technology for making prototype but in this case you can make actual product casing using 3D printed die for vacuum forming parts. 

Benefits of 3D Printing 
  • Directly from PC CAD design to the Implementable part.

  • Saving of the Valuable time and tooling cost in every part.

  • Directly fit to the end product.

  • Make complex shape easy to design and manufacture. 

  • Less time to make the Prototype.

  • Actual size with the greater accuracy. 

  • Lightweight and easy to operate design. 

  • Vacuum forming is possible using this part. 

3D Printing Implementation 

Customization contains large part of the premium clientele and the most expensive product and using 3D printer you can customize any part you want to in very cheap cost and with the great accuracy. This gives the ability to the manufacturer give you the functional product directly in hand. 

Make a Custom Product 

Innovation and experimental prototypes like Wind tunnel models, landing gear prototypes, jigs and fixtures, production samples, custom tools and much more. FDM technology is been used in the Aerospace Industries which is driving the innovative ideas to design to a functional prototypes in a matter of few days. 

Make a great Prototype 

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