Automobile Industries 

When Dreams Comes True

Automobile is abbreviation of the the french work Auto (Self) & Mobile. which means self driven.  Auto mobile industry is one of the largest and most revenue earning industries in the world. Largely dependent up on fossil fuel it drives so many small and medium industries it encapsulate around 40% of world GDP itself.

When 3D printing collaborates with the Automotive the entier manufacturing and testing process can be revolutionize itself. The amount time and money contributed in the testing can be reduced to the half and the manufacturing can be pretty fast and flexible in it's own sense. 

Benefits of 3D Printing 
  • Directly from PC CAD design to the Implementable part.

  • Saving of the Valuable time and tooling cost in every part.

  • Directly implemented to wind tunnel test.

  • Less time to make the Prototype.

  • Actual size with the greater accuracy.

  • Ultem Compatibility.

  • Lightweight and easy to operate design. 

3D Printing Implementation 

By replacing expensive and lead-time critical CNC-milled parts with in-house manufactured plastic parts, you can dramatically reduce your production costs. The printed plastic parts also perform better technically, weigh less, and are well suited for the production of complex bodies that, when using conventional metal-cutting processes, would be very difficult and costly to produce.

Doing this will gives you the real time actual view of the product you have make by using the metal 3D printing it will be much more easier to mass produce the directly implementable part for the Concept Vehicles.   

Replace the expensive CNC Prototyping & Production.

For hand-held devices used on the assembly line, engineers can employ 3D printing to make ergonomically designed assembly aids that perform better than conventionally made tools.

The accuracy of any machine depends up on the quality and accuracy of the tools and many times the tools special tool lack of quality or soon get deformed. so in that case fast making and accurate making of the special tools can be beneficial to the maker. 

Create Customized assembly tool.

To identify the design problem in real life scenario it's difficult in the software and making the part every time using the casting or tools process is quiet an expensive thing to do. In that case the rapid prototyping will be cheaper and easier alternative to have the real life quality and accuracy.

In the Automotive industry the accuracy is utmost priority to the most of the manufacturer as the norms of the government are the strict and the satisfaction of the customer is important.

Test the Identify Design Problem.

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