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3D Printer Applications & Industries

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping lets small and medium sized engineering companies to test their ideas and concepts by creating prototypes. For bigger organizations, Rapid Prototyping is a way to develop and feel the ideas before processing them. A model created by 3D printing from Dimension 3 LE and Vector PLA 3D is an accurate tool to convey ideas, test and finalize future businesses.

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The utility of a 3D printer is not restricted to a particular industry. Industries like Jewelry, Fashion, Realty, Education, Engineering, Defense, Healthcare, Hospitality, Household, Apparels, Kitchenware and many more can be benefitted using 3D printers for creating proto-types, dye casts, accessories, customized shapes, key-chains virtually anything. J Group Robotics™ pushes the limits of technology to create 3D printers of the utmost quality. Read More

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    It follows suit that 3-D printing is a solid match for spectacles. But more specifically, 3-D printing is a boon to anyone who wants bespoke frames. It's a niche market that designers have cornered and profited handsomely on by charging somewhere in the thousands for a pair of custom frames, the extra cost attached to the extra time and labor that comes with the personalization.

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    Phone Case

    Now you can make your own phone or tablet case and even more. You can even embed your name into the surface. Your name will become an integrated part of the case design, creating a completely unique, customized accessory. You can now take orders from friends, stores and others and start your own business of printing phone or tablet cases.



    Many companies offer premade designs of machines that you can print from your printer, while other companies direct you to open source forums and websites where you can find models that members have shared. This is a very cost effective method of creating required proto-types with the same feel as the machine of your dreams.



    The particular beauty of Additive Manufacturing is that it can be used to produce both one-off pieces as well as large scale production eliminating many process steps and tooling costs that we see today. This technology is affordable, compact and provides a trendsetting manufacturing solution to the watch and jewelry industry. Try creating your own designs now.

J Group Robotics launches Vector PLA 3D printer for Indian market June 26 2014 , 18:34


Mumbai-based J Group Robotics announced the launch of its 3D printer named Vector PLA 3D targetted at manufacturing industries across verticals such as automotive, aeronautical, engineering, defence, etc. for making prototypes of final products. Apart from prototyping for industries, the Vector PLA 3D can also be used for making everyday objects such as cellphone covers, jewellery mockup designs, gift items, 3D facial models to even prosthetic limbs....

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    How its Done? Jewellers outsource designing contracts to jewellery designing companies 2. Designing companies create catalogues 3. Jewellers contact vendors to create dye casts 4. Post dye cast is ready, jeweller approaches manufacturer 5. Manufacturers create final product that is ready for jewellers 6. Jewellers procure the product and sell
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    Will 3d Printing change the world Much attention has been paid to 3D Printing lately, with new companies developing cheaper and more efficient consumer models that have wowed the tech community. They herald 3D Printing as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, but how will these printers truly affect our society?
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    J Group Robotics order book stands at 2,000 units With the growing demand for 3D printers across a wide range of industries, Jariwala Robotics Pvt Ltd’s current order book stands at 2,000 units in just six months of inception. The company expects to add another 10,000 orders by end of fourth quarter of current fiscal.